Лампы натриевые ДНАТ

About arc tubular sodium lamps everyone has heard of, whose activity is connected with lighting. The name among the common users of a little-known, but high-pressure lamps urban residents face daily. More recently, such devices were responsible for lighting of roads, parks, stations, airports. Today these pensioners are gradually replacing the led lights, but the growing popularity of the sodium lamps is not reduced.

Interestingly, LEDs for energy efficiency exceed counterparts, but are used primarily at home. Their use in manufacturing or industrial facilities is not so active due to three factors: cost, questionable need replacement, the lack of years of experience.

Лампы натриевые ДНАТ

The history of the emergence

Discharge lamps, appeared as a result of painstaking work on improving the efficiency of the mercury analogues. Scientists came to the conclusion that the vapor of any metal capable of emitting light. Another issue is that not every metal exists in a gaseous state, is necessary for the full functioning of the lamps. From the periodic table, only a small portion of elements meets the criteria. Studies on vapor glows soft metals led to conclusions that sodium corresponds to the maximum number of requests for practical use in lighting devices.

The scope of

When it comes to arranging economical, efficient outdoor lighting, lamps DNAT (https://megawatt-lamp.ru/gazorazryadnye_lampy/lampy-dnat/) leave the competitors far behind. From greenhouses bulb is not able to displace even the ubiquitous LEDs. For supplementary lighting plants equipment used by, and around the world. Although among enthusiasts there are still optimists who believe in the potential of led devices, greenhouses and don’t plan to abandon proven extremely positive of HPS lamps.

For street and industrial lighting appliances choose both public and commercial organizations, because the cost of high-power lamp is more than compensated by the efficiency, efficiency. Let them not boast excellent color reproduction, the function of the lamps is completely different. The main task of the device is to create a strong light output with minimum energy consumption. However, the accuracy of transmission of shades at the instruments is questionable, but even this fact did not become an obstacle for:

  • landscape designers;
  • architects;
  • advertisers;
  • decorators.

When the goal is to convey the natural colors of the object is not the main, light bulbs become indispensable. In addition to the lighting of motorways, they are ubiquitous in public places:

  • parks, squares;
  • the local area;
  • car parks, Parking lots.

Unique ability to powerfully illuminate the large space created devices a good reputation.

Лампы натриевые ДНАТ

In the greenhouse — only lamp HPS

Thanks to a rich yellow-orange glow of light bulbs have become an indispensable component of the greenhouse equipment. Warm spectrum of colours has a beneficial effect on plant growth, creates ideal conditions for fruit formation and flowering. Especially to the help of HPS running farms that spetsializiruyutsya on the cultivation of vegetable crops. Increased svetonosnost plant has specific requirements for artificial lighting sources.

Typical bulbs light color creates an excellent alternative to solar energy necessary for plant growth. At the stage of germination is actively formed immune defense, allowing the seedlings to grow sturdy, less prone to disease. In addition, thanks to the lights increases productivity, improves the eating quality of the fruit.

The feature of the lighting devices, in addition to simulated sunlight, is the low energy consumption, impressive service life, excellent performance light output.

Лампы натриевые ДНАТ

The pros and cons

When choosing a lighting source for industrial purposes in the emphasis on the financial aspect. The minimum cost of purchase, maintenance, operation — the main advantages of products. Alternatives are unable to compete with the benefits provided by sodium lamps. Other advantages include:

  • maintenance of a stable power luminous flux throughout the operating period;
  • a decent level of efficiency (about 35%);
  • high protection against mechanical impacts;
  • efficient operation at temperatures from -35 to +40 °C.

Among the disadvantages are the sensitivity to voltage drops, quite a long run.


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