Lamar Odom fell off the wagon

Ламар Одом ушёл в запой

Six months ago, friends and acquaintances basketball player Lamar Odom prayed to the heavens left him in this world. After alcohol abused drug Viagra and husband of Khloe Kardashian almost died in one of the Nevada brothels, it seemed that he never set foot on a slippery slope. But there it was.

A few weeks ago, the wife of Lamar Odom wrote angry posts that washes his hands from the cares of his pious, with whom he was divorcing, and that she will get a life and boost the divorce process started a few years ago. It happened after Lamar noticed in one of the clubs of Los Angeles for drinking alcoholic beverages.
He believed that the wife is exaggerating his issues with alcohol, but friends of the athlete, never once treating alcoholism in rehbach, confirm the words Chloe: he’s not allowed to drink.
Yesterday, Odom was spotted in a club in Beverly hills, where he had come already “warm” and spent the evening reveling in cognac. Throwing the bartender a $ 60 tip, Lamar left in the company of several unidentified women.

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