Ламар Одом извинился перед Хлоей Кардашьян за потраченное время

After returning from rehab’s, healthy and full of energy Lamar Odom, plans to bring back his former wife Khloe Kardashian, with whom he divorced a few months ago. In interview to the program “The Doctors” NBAоткровенно basketball player announced his desire to return to Chloe and brought ex-spouse, my sincere apologies.

“When you use drugs, you distanciruemsa. Change even your feelings, you become still, where you are and who you are. I just want to restore what we had. Our family was important to me, Chloe is very important to me. She went through all this with me. She stood next to me. I just want her back” said Lamar.
Odom also spoke about his long struggle with drugs and asked for forgiveness from Chloe and children.
“I just want to apologize for what you have been spending your time and power is wasted. I’m sure no one cares about me, like you” said Lamar.
Odom and Kardashian married in 2009, but TV star is desperate to heal her husband from drug and alcohol addiction, to endure its many betrayal. She filed for divorce, but Lamar didn’t want to say goodbye to his wife and avoid divorce for as long as I could. At the end of the year before, he nearly died of a drug overdose, and Viagra. Remembering the case the player admitted that at the time and really wanted to die. He was in a coma, kidney failure and the doctors gave little chance that he will survive, but Chloe, rushed him to the hospital, believed in his healing and was no to the recovery. However, music played briefly, and Lamar is at it again. Kardashian then had to rush the divorce process and in December they divorced.
Now Chloe meets up with Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a novel which began in August last year. And though the couple celebrated Christmas and new year holidays, in the close environment of the Chloe sure the athlete uses it for his own glory.