Lama Safonova first came to light after a terrible diagnosis

Лама Сафонова впервые вышла в свет после страшного диагноза The singer, who in December last year announced that she was diagnosed with cancer, created a furor at the party in the center of Moscow. Lama Safonova has told subscribers that I’m very glad to attend the event of the periodical.

Singer Lama Safonova, which continues to struggle courageously with cancer, recently told fans the happy news. The actress first appeared on the red carpet after the beginning of a long course of treatment. The Lama visited the award “TOP 100 most stylish men of Russia”, organized by the glossy magazines. The singer came out in a sparkling gold dress, and the way it complemented the unusual accessories. On the page in Instagram and shared his impressions of the publication.

Lama Safonova has gone to desperate measures in the fight against cancer

“Hurray, I could. So I went on the Red carpet! God, my first foray out to people during these six months of hell that gave me a lot of strength to continue to struggle. So many wonderful photos and videos! A lot of what I want to say, to tell, show!” – shared the actress.

At a social event, which was held in the center of Moscow, also shone with many other figures of show business, including TV presenter Evelina Bledans. In her microblog appeared a group photo with the Lama. Members of the women found that all those captured in the photo, look. They wrote them a lot of compliments.

Among other famous people who attended the event were Sergey Zverev, Dante, Paulina Old, Anastasia Barashkova Anna Grachevskaya, Alexander balukov, world-Anastasia Mishina, Ekaterina Odintsova and Julia Pushman.

Recall that for the first time about the illness Lama Safonova became known in December last year. The actress announced about his terrible diagnosis in social networks. “Guys…I Have cancer… to Say it’s scary, painful, hard to admit – especially… When you consider strong, successful, blossoming and what could be the issues. My family had a tragedy. Nobody needs to explain what it is. There are no guarantees and time already too, but I can say one thing: I’m going to fight,” wrote Lama.

In his microblog artist regularly shares information on how to pass her treatment. The Lama gave blood for radiation therapy. The singer did not hide that it was extremely difficult. “My body reacted immediately and began to urgently go into space. “Claimed” me instantly, and quickly returned to life, no matter how he tried, failed… Accidentally made a “slight recovery” in the Department of lab… Went on for 10 minutes and leave. Many thanks to all friendly staff of the laboratory,” – said Safonov.