Лайма Вайкуле рассказала о своем состоянии после операции
The singer got a long recovery ahead.

Laima Vaikule


Laima Vaikule told about his health. Recently, the 62-year-old singer had surgery on his leg and is now undergoing rehabilitation. The actress delighted fans: rebuilding is in full swing, very soon she will return to rehearsals and then the performances, which at the time had to cancel due to injury.

“Thank you all for your support, calls, texts! All is well on the mend in a couple of weeks will begin rehearsals.I love them all!” — shared of lime.

The incident, in which the scientist was hospitalized, happened during a vacation actress in the ski resort. The singer, riding on the slope, not calculated the force and got a pretty serious leg injury. In the hospital Lima underwent emergency surgery. Because of this, several planned concerts of pop stars was disrupted. “That’s life… Hope to understand my listener!” — wrote the artist. Lime promised to win back the cancelled speech as soon as he recovers. In its forecasts, it will happen in March.