Laima Vaikule secretly married in America

Лайма Вайкуле тайно обвенчалась в Америке

Personal life Lima Vajkule has never been made public, but recently, lime has made an exception and told about his chosen Andrew Latkovskis, with whom she even married in the United States of America.

Lima lived with Andrew for over forty years. They first met when the future was barely sixteen years old. Latkovskis then worked as the guitarist in one of the Riga clubs. For many years, and even decades, the couple lived in a civil marriage, and five years ago they were secretly married in the United States.
Wedding initiated Andrew. The ceremony was held in one of the many churches of Las Vegas.
“Did it for fun. In fact, we are both free and independent people” — said Lima in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.
Told Vajkule and that helps her look wonderful. And it’s not cosmetic surgery or intervention, and sports.
“Then I run, I ski, pool. Trying to change Hobbies because the same thing gets boring. But it’s not just in sports, most importantly – take care of yourself initially, otherwise it will be too late then,” said the singer.