Laima Vaikule sat on a rigid diet

Лайма Вайкуле села на жесткую диету
The singer is preparing for an important event in his life.

Laima Vaikule

Photo: “7 Days”

Laima Vaikule seriously engaged in their health and the village
on a strict vegetarian diet. The singer, who at 62, looks like a supermodel admitted that to stay in
perfect shape she succeeds in adhering to the strict rules of power. According to
Limes, to vegetarianism pushed her beloved dog.

“Is it possible there are those who
sometimes better people?” thought Vajkule and refused to eat the animal
origin. In addition, for almost 25 years, she doesn’t wear furs, natural
leather and is an active member of the movement in favour of a ban
performances in the circus trained animals. The basis of the diet limes are
low-fat cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables.

Giving up meat does not prevent
the main Baltic star to be in phenomenal vocal form, after all
performances Vaikule — only live audio! By the way, soon fans of the stars will be able
to verify this for themselves: 20
on July 23, in the famous concert hall “Dzintari” will take place international
music festival “lime. Rendezvous. Jurmala, 17”.

It is a festival that not
only viewers to enjoy the works of artists from different countries, but also artists
to meet with the audience and with each other on the famous stage of the legendary
concert hall.

This year, the organizers said the program, which is sure to attract a capacity crowd.
July 20, the opening day of the festival, under the arches of “Dzintari”, stars will appear
national stage: Valery Leontiev, Elena Vaenga,
incendiary Valery Syutkin, as well as the representative of Belarus Uzari and Ukrainian
star Zlata ognevich.

The next day, July 21 at the concert
hall Dzintari will be a legend of world stage, the leader of the band “Smokie” — Chris
Norman.The festival will continue with performances by Russian stars Leonid Agutin,
Vladimir Presnyakov, the duet “Potap and Nastya”, which
will join group C, Natalia Podolskaya, the band
Neangely and Estonian musician, participant of the Eurovision song contest, Ott

Saturday, July 22, on the festival stage: Lolita , Stas Mikhailov and
always unexpected Arkady Ukupnik, as well as a singer and humorist Vladimir Vinokur
and energetic group MBAND. On the last day of the festival, will appear on the stage
singing legends, the stars of the Georgian singer Vakhtang Kikabidze and Nani Bregvadze. They will be joined Valery Meladze and Gennady Khazanov
Anne Cova, a native of Azerbaijan Emin, one of the highlights of the show
“The Voice” — Alexander Panayotov.