Лайма Вайкуле подхватила опасный вирус The singer fell ill with the disease. The star is caring loving husband, and star friends. Laima Vaikule told “StarHit” about health, preparation for the festival in Jurmala and diet Alla Pugacheva.
Лайма Вайкуле подхватила опасный вирус

Recently a 63-year-old singer had to urgently revise the schedule. The artist fell seriously ill and was dying. “Picked up in the airplane some dangerous virus – confessed Laima Vaikule “StarHit”. – Fever, weakness, cough… Now I drink antibiotics, try not to push yourself in order to recover.” It Andrew, her beloved man, and in combination, and producer. “He helps with everything, – says the artist. – We do not divide duties, one does what one can.”

Due to illness of the scientist reversed the portion of the rehearsals. In late July, the singer for the third time will hold in Jurmala own music festival “Rendezvous”. It will be attended by friends of the Lima – Valery Leontiev, Elena Vaenga, Stas Mikhailov and many others.

“I invited only those who really want to see – says “StarHit” Vajkule. – Rehearsing, by the way, just in my house, the atmosphere is always lovely, almost family, in between drinking tea, communicate”.

Visiting Lima is Alla Pugacheva, who now went to Jurmala with her husband Maxim Galkin and children.

“The kids have it, of course, charming, handsome, – continues the scientist. – We have fun together. Alla I have warm, friendly relations. She is in great shape on the diet, by the way, none of us feel comfortable sitting – just no need for it. We talk for hours, joke a lot, eat lunch together, walk.”

In discussing the operation on the feet of Alla Pugacheva

On the question of whether Vaikule a rest after the festival, the singer laughs:

“I will rest in that light! And while there is job, have to work. For me relaxation is when the silence. As someone who listens to a lot of music, most appreciate the tranquility. Love to watch a movie, take a walk on the beach, play with the dogs. A certain recipe is. And I always try to combine a flurry of activity and moments of rest.”