Лайма Вайкуле: «Филипп Киркоров и Григорий Лепс выступят бесплатно» The singer openly spoke on the costs of the festival “lime. Rendezvous”. The actress announced, who is waiting for a Grand music event, and also thanked the friends who support her project.
Лайма Вайкуле: «Филипп Киркоров и Григорий Лепс выступят бесплатно»

From 19 to 22 July, in Jurmala for the fourth time will host the festival of Lima Vajkule, where she will collect some of the most talented artists from Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine. Among them: Philip, Markus Riva, Alexander Panayotov, Filipp Kirkorov, Verka Serduchka, and many others. Today, the restaurant on the 36th line of lime gave a press conference during which he spoke about the surprises from Philip Kirkorov, a duet with Andrey Makarevich and strong friendship with the artists. Also present were the organizers of the festival, including the Chairman of the organizing Committee Alexander Shenkman, and some participants such as Markus Riva, Aija Andrejeva, Intars Busulis. A live webcast press conference took place in a social network “Schoolmates”.

Lime as always looked elegant. For the press conference, the star chose a stylish jacket and loose pants in hippie style. Artistic Director of events beginning with the fact that this year the guests of “Rendezvous” will be pleasantly surprised. Then on the screen appeared a welcome video from Alexey Chumakov and Andrey Makarevich.

Лайма Вайкуле: «Филипп Киркоров и Григорий Лепс выступят бесплатно»“Andrew do a duet together, – shared the singer. – Invited and Philip Kirkorov. I think its a talented producer who knows how to reveal young talents. He helped many. And at our festival Philip will show itself in a new way. It will be interesting. By the way, will make it free. Will come on the scene as well, and Arthur Pirozhkov. Markus Riva for the first time to test their strength as a master of ceremonies. Initially, I wanted to presenters spoke little, simply announced presenters actors and everything.”
Лайма Вайкуле: «Филипп Киркоров и Григорий Лепс выступят бесплатно»

On the question of “StarHit” how much it costs to organize an international festival with so many artists, lime said that makes a warm friendship with the comrades in the shop.

“I can say that the artists for the most part are free, – admitted the scientist. – We have mad sponsors. There are people who support it, because everything costs money – from the screens that bring from Lithuania, and finishing equipment which are ordered in Estonia. In this case, we have to shell out. But with musicians it’s much easier: to a rendezvous typically do not pay well, only if the prostitutes”.

Among the celebrities who perform without fees not only Philip Kirkorov and Grigory Leps, Emin, and many others.

“Of course, it is an expensive event because we have a non-commercial event, – said the Chairman of the organizing Committee Alexander Shenkman. – Proceeds from ticket sales covers only about 30% of the costs. The rest of the money come from friends. Sponsors we don’t have much. Helps the city. It turns out that this national funding system. More than half of the artists come for free, the rest at fees below market. Of course, the cost is huge – you need to accommodate 300 people, to deal with light and sound. We try to do everything efficiently”.

Alexander Shenkman noted that the game is worth the candle, because the festival “lime. Rendezvous” every year is gaining momentum. According to Schenkman, last year the audience of the three-day concert were 100 million people from all over the world.

“We got 600 publications, we have accredited more than 200 journalists, said Alexander. – It is important that the partnership with the social network “Odnoklassniki”.