Laima Vaikule: “Can stifle”

Лайма Вайкуле: «Могу и задушить» The singer is ready to desperate measures if it is to yourself. Laima Vaikule is striking in all its flowery appearance. The star told about their favorite Pets, plans for the summer and fits of aggression.
Лайма Вайкуле: «Могу и задушить»

Looking for Lima, the impression that she is sleeping in cryo. Compliments, jokes: “Today look bad, maybe just lazy.” Energy the singer does not hold: several years ago, scientist took up the mission – organization of the international festival. The star is not only coped with the task, but also made the concert a tradition. This year from 19 to 22 July lime the fourth time will call friends in Jurmala on “Rendezvous”. Yesterday in an interview with “StarHit” she shared, who occupied her house on the Riga coast.

About feelings and clothes size

  • Jealousy is a shameful feeling that eats. You should try to avoid it, although it does not always work. I am the owner only to the man, but tried his best not to show it. Andrei and respect each other and cherish the feelings. For example, in our Union there is no such thing “What are we going for lunch?”. If he wants to eat, then he can do well, or to go to a restaurant. It has always been. Do not cook and there is nothing bad in it do not see. Husband even tried to grumble on the subject.
  • Actually, Andrew, there is in the pleasure, therefore, recovers or resets the weight… And I have to assemble before each holiday, New year, festival… I’m not thin, as many claim. I wear a size M (medium) with the growth of 167 sm, the impression is created because of free clothes. Prefer a sporty style.
  • The dog is a family member and a friend of man. Now I have two French bulldog, who belongs to the whole house. With respect to foreign Pets and their owners. When you walk with your, take special bags in case they’ll need to go on the street. In the forest fertilizer, and the beach is ugly.

The fools and the crazy thing

  • My idol was my mom. It has inherited many traits, such as love towards others. She never screamed. She first showed character in 15 years. With a girlfriend and the Cavaliers went to the movies. During the session realized that these boys are tired, and I whispered to the friend: “let’s Go!” We ran, and the boys rushed after him. Wrapped in some kind of court, where was stretched a clothesline, which is not noticed, and as in the movie, crashed into her neck, my back, I staggered and fell onto a doghouse. Out jumped a dog. Not even scared that will bite. Growled in response: “it is not enough.”
  • I can’t stand stupidity. Especially if the stuff is rushing vigorously. A few years ago during an interview warned the journalist that if do not stop to ask stupid questions, you suffocate. But she continued… And I did it – certainly not for real. Just showed hands, to remember. Then she released a good transfer.
  • I speak two languages, but easier to swear in Russian, because in native, Latvian, almost no bad words. The most offensive is a fool. If so called, then all relationships are torn. But most of the time I spend in Latvia. In Jurmala for many years I have my house. It’s nice, especially in spring and summer. Love to go out on the terrace and enjoy the nature surrounded by friends.
  • I’m afraid of bad news. Do not watch TV, but if something happens, then sooner or later overtakes me – politics or trouble with the family. However, people still talk to me, and once a week are watching the European news. I’m far from it. There is a Bible where everything is written.

About gags and Piccadilly

  • One of my favorite songs – “I went to Piccadilly”. Typically, the composition becomes popular either because of music or because of the text. It’s great that in this case both components coincide. By the way, when I am in London, I always go to Piccadilly.
  • If asked who in our duet with Pugacheva of “lady of the dunes” the leader, the answer would be that it. I’m usually laughing at your own jokes, but Alla was not punctured until the end, she’s serious. Alla – Chip and I’m Dale.

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