Lagerfeld has released a collection of wedding decorations

Лагерфельд выпустил коллекцию свадебных украшений

82-year-old designer has now decided to focus on creating jewelry for the wedding. To this end, he signed a contract with the largest jewelry manufacturer USA.

Karl Lagerfeld has signed a cooperation agreement with the company Frederick Goldman Inc., engaged in manufacturing of jewelry, reports WWD. 82-year-old designer-mnogostanochnik currently creates collections for the houses of Chanel and Fendi and his Karl Lagerfeld brand. In fact, under this brand and will be produced wedding jewelry.

According to press reports, the lineup will include engagement and wedding rings made of precious materials. In addition, a distinctive feature of all decorations from Karl will become large diamonds. On sale wedding decoration will be available only in September 2016. However, the network has already got a photo of one of the jewelry creations of Lagerfeld – the luxury engagement ring shaped like a tiara.

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