Laetitia Casta played a secret wedding

Летиция Каста сыграла тайную свадьбу
Recently Western media reported about the secret wedding of actress and model Laetitia Casta and her lover Louis Garrel.

Летиция Каста сыграла тайную свадьбу

According to journalists, the wedding was very modest and was held on 10 June on the beach of Lumio Corsica. It was here that he spent his childhood Letitia.

Летиция Каста сыграла тайную свадьбу

Young people are invited to a celebration only a small circle of friends and family, guests are only attracted about 40 people.

It is worth noting that prior to this the lovers met for three years and for both this marriage is the first.

Congratulations to the couple with a ceremonial event!

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