Леди Гага заработает 14 миллионов за год
The health of the singer is greatly improved.

Lady Gaga


2017, the first year was very successful for Lady Gaga. Her latest achievement is a contract which she signed with
the administration of the Park Theatre at the Monte Carlo casino in Las Vegas. Under the terms of this agreement, 31-year-old Gaga needs
will be there in 36 shows, for which she paid $ 14.4 million. In other words, it will receive 400 thousand for
each show!

“I am very pleased and excited about the prospect of performing in Vegas. I love
this city and its inhabitants. I do love show business. I guess I really
a bit old-fashioned!” — so, Gaga commented on the signing of the contract. In addition
the fact that Gaga has become a “resident” in Las Vegas, the singer can boast of more
one achievement. She managed to show his acting talent, starring in
the film, which was directed by Bradley Cooper, and she was very
satisfied with this experience. We are talking about the musical “a Star is born” will be released on
the spring of the following year.

As for his personal life, and
here it all came together very well. In February of this year from Gaga, which
July last year broke off the engagement with her fiancé Taylor Kinney, began the affair with 48-year-old Christian Carino. He is
the Agency CAA, and during his career has worked with
many celebrities. Since they regularly see together on different secular
events. And recently there was a rumor that Gaga and Christiano secretly
got engaged.

The only thing that can complain about Gaga is for their health. In this
year she deteriorated very chronic disease — myalgia, which
accompanied by severe pain. Because of this, the singer even had to cancel
the European part of his world tour. However, to date, she
receive medical treatment and she felt much better. So, the New Year Gaga in
excellent mood.