Lady Gaga thanked Alexander Vasiliev for criticizing her clothes

Нюша поблагодарила Александра Васильева за критику ее одежды
Fashion historian praised the singer for new style.


Photo: Gennady Avramenko

In each issue of the magazine “7 days” fashion historian Alexander
Vasiliev examines the outfits worn by stars of show business and cinema. Under the distribution criticism fall outfits even the most stylish and elegant
women. Some were offended by Vasiliev, others listened and corrected. So,
at the premiere of the film “Hero” Alexander Vasilyev met Nyusha, outfits which he harshly criticized three years ago, accusing the singer in bad taste. “Our costumes
the heroine are different variations on the same theme: “I
attacked, all tore, broke things, left in the same bra”. How can you not
to get upset! This is totally insane, tasteless and bad. So don’t look diva
large scenes, as the singer of inexpensive clubs, — said Vasilyev. — Perhaps this
like sixteen, but, Nusenka, think for yourself. Such apparel girl
can be worn only at the time a passionate appeal: “I want sex! Take me!”

During the premiere, I went to Vasilyev to say Hello and thanked him
for analysis of her attire. “I listened. Take into account
all of your comments,” said lady Gaga. Fashion historian in turn
complimented the girl. “You
has reached astonishing heights, said fashion historian. — You are improving.
Simply charming”.

By the way, recently Alexander Vasilyev took apart the outfits Lisa
Arzamasova. The critic was quite strict, but he did not hide his sympathy for this
the actress that drew attention from the series “Father’s daughter”. In
the last time Lisa often appears at social events, Vasiliev very
thoroughly took apart the clothes in which the time goes on the “red” track. To
his advice can listen many contemporary Actresses to find your
a special personal style in clothing. Which, in the opinion of the expert Fashion verdict,
while Arzamasova no. Actress
had carefully studied the recommendations of the Maestro and left a comment in the official
account in Instagramе: “I am grateful to the experienced and deeply respected
me the fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev for his opinion and valuable comments.
However, “brave” they are for me unlikely to make, says Arzamasova. — I
not looking for your style, don’t think about fashion, but just like any other girl, I am pleased
sometimes “dressing up” and feel nice. I want to apologize
because I’m not perfect and not brave.But I am truly grateful for given me attention.”

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