Lady Gaga spoke about pursuing her curse

Леди Гага рассказала о преследующем ее проклятии
The singer is afraid that will not be able to have children.

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga told
recently about my biggest fear: the singer, who has always dreamed of a big
the family is afraid that you will not be able to have children. As explained 31-year-old Gaga,
whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, her fear is not a fiction, and
a very real possibility. Disease who discovered she had the doctors do
can prevent her from becoming a mother. We are talking about a rare disease is fibromyalgia, which
is accompanied by severe chronic pain and can lead to complete disability. “To conceive that I
most likely, you can. But to bear a child — not the fact… But even if I succeed, I even afraid to think what may happen at birth…” —
said Gaga during his interview, wiping away tears that she couldn’t
to keep.

In addition to fear
to remain childless, Gaga admitted in one his fear. The fact that
as told to the singer, it pursues in the life of a strange curse. For
every great success in your career, it pays losses in personal
life. “When I managed in 2010 to sell 10 million copies of my album, I
lost Matt Williams. A year later, it sold 30 million of my records, but
as a result, I broke up with Luc Carl. And soon after I
offered a movie role, fell my love story with Taylor Kinney..” — said

Recall from Kinney
Gaga didn’t just date for five years. The singer’s official was engaged to
Taylor was going to marry him. And when they suddenly decided
to part, Gaga was desperate. She said then that “her personal life just blew up…” currently, as reported
previously, Gaga’s in the Prime of her new novel — with Christian Carino. Now
lovers all is well. But ahead of her
the new, sixth album. And
Gaga is terribly afraid, as if his success was not broken its relations with the Christian.