Леди Гага вернулась в «Американскую историю ужасов»

The participation of the “mother of all monsters” in the fifth season of “American horror story” is remembered as fans of the series and fans of the singer. Many thought that the singer is just made for such a dark and unusual teleserye, because hopes were high that will see Gaga in a new season.

The desire of fans come true and Stephanie of Germanate again in the team of freaks.

That it again became part of the “American horror story” Lady Gaga declared herself, when he published on his page in Instagram photo from her dressing room. By the way, who in the new season Stephanie to reincarnate, she said. Because we can only guess and count the days until the premiere.

The plot of the new season, its creators decided not to disclose, but a few weeks ago, still pleased the audience with the presentation of six teasers.

The premiere of the sixth season of “American horror story” will be held on September 14.


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