Lady Gaga puts health at serious risk

Нюша подвергает здоровье серьезному риску During the tour the singer complained of back pain. Now I have to go through a course of treatment. Excessive stress affected the health of the actress.

      Нюша подвергает здоровье серьезному риску

      It is no secret that professional artists do not regret neither the strength nor the time to regularly please their fans. They are ready to spend a day in rehearsals to hone skills not only in vocal terms but also in respect of creating a striking performance. But at the concerts they give a huge amount of energy to his fans and arrange an unforgettable show. Often busy schedule of touring, filming, communication with the fans, not the stars not only fully recuperate, but just to sleep well. Unfortunately, it often adversely affects the health of artists.

      Popular singer lady Gaga had a big tour, which is a scarce resource, and will last until July. But after his arrival in Kazan, the young artist felt a pain in his back. It is reported that the doctors recommended the girl undergo urgent medical examination.

      The clinic Nyusha diagnosed disorders of the cervical spine and degenerative changes of the spine. I must say that all performances of the young actress accompanied by dancing. And when you consider that often the singer appears on the heels, regular physical activity could negatively affect the General condition of Nyusha.

      Experts have advised Russian pop star to undergo treatment. In order not to cause further damage to the blood vessels and nervous system, it advised to reduce physical exertion.

      Despite the fact that the fans are very worried about the health favorite singer, she is not going to interrupt the tour. She began to make adjustments and, most likely, will perform in all cities according to the plan.

      “We’re fine. If she had any health problems, we would cancel the tour, but now all is well”, – said the representative of the actress of the TV channel LifeNews.

      Not so long ago another young singer Victoria Daineko complained of back pain. The winner of the fifth season of the project “Factory of stars” told subscribers that she decided to undergo the examination after malaise. However, it is worth saying that Victoria’s health problems started after the birth of the child, unlike the NYSE, which is completely absorbed in the creative development.


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