Lady Gaga is outraged by the behavior of ex-boyfriend Egor creed

Нюша возмущена поведением экс-бойфренда Егора Крида Claims the singer told her father. Vladimir shurochkin told that lady Gaga was shocked by the actions of Yegor creed, who do not bother to thank her for her assistance in the work.

      Нюша возмущена поведением экс-бойфренда Егора Крида
      Нюша возмущена поведением экс-бойфренда Егора Крида

      Recently, the relationship between Macbeth and Egor Creed escalated even more. This happened after a candid interview with the singer, in which he told about the affair with the pop star. According to the guy, he cared for the artist early in his career, was very much in love with her. However, it already at that time, in contrast, earned good money and was popular on the stage. Therefore, according to the creed, father Nyusha, who is also her producer, were against this novel.

      Meanwhile, Vladimir shurochkin not agree with the words of a failed brother-in-law. He claims not to let the relationship between her daughter. When she published an accusatory recitative creed song Nyusha “Only” the father of the stars are not asked to remove the track from the Internet for violation of copyright. Vladimir explains that it was made by the lady Gaga, because she was shocked by the revelations of ex-boyfriend and his bratty behavior.

      “Any adult person, I think, and it’s clear that already due to age – he’s three years younger than my daughter – he and I, by and large, nothing serious and be something I couldn’t. Despite this, a conflict with the Creed I have not encountered. Even delete the remade songs, I almost had nothing. The claim on this occasion expressed itself Nyusha. She asked only on the performance of the song. And creed, not agreeing with her, put your text and began to organize all these things. Nyusha, frankly, was shocked and seriously outraged, why didn’t he consulted, and not told that he was going to do,” said Kurochkin.

      We will remind, earlier in an interview with reporters, Egor admitted that he still remembers having an affair with Nyusha. “It’s been over a year since we parted. I tried not to remember, but since had the opportunity to perform her song, I remembered the past and thought it was time to talk about it. The performance was the most emotional. After that I felt the devastation,” said creed about the performance of the same song, which later became the cause of discord between him and his ex girlfriend.

      “If she started to tell us about the relationship with Words that better described how she actively participated in the creation of his songs. Ever, he alleged, she devoted,” he responded to the behavior of the singer shurochkin in an interview with “Express newspaper”. Nyusha father recalled that his daughter would help the novice artist in the arts and even sang backing vocals in his track “The very best”, but this is why the creed does not remember.

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