Lady Gaga has tried himself in the role of comedian Comedy Club

Нюша попробовала себя в роли юмориста Comedy Club

The singer took part in the miniature residents of popular Comedy show.

Recently more and more pop stars try their hand at acting environment. Recently, the screens out the film “Hero”, where the main role was played by Dima Bilan. This is his debut film and a very good one!

To try out new roles decided and lady Gaga, however, is not so globally, as her colleague on the shop floor, not in the movie and in the theater, and the humorous scene. The singer participated in the filming of the new season of Comedy Club.

Of course, before residents called the star guests on stage and asked to play along. But this time it was much more serious. Nyusha in advance gave the word for the role, cooked and on the stage appeared as a full participant thumbnails, and not just a background character.

“Meet the Duo, “Yes.” Took today a very funny number,” he told fans about his debut lady Gaga.

And the room really was very funny. Huseynov Mahmud and Mahomed Murtazaliev from the Duo’s “Yeah” played two brothers. One of them met Twice in the social network and invited me out to her house in Strogino, and she had to go and come. In this miracle the second brother did not believe, assured his cousin that it’s a DoppelgangeR who wants to Rob him. Lady Gaga first played herself in a quiet voice confessed, saying, these men are now scared to call the star out on a date, and she wouldn’t have refused. What ended the acquaintance of the guys from Strogino with a star, we won’t tell, but lady Gaga managed to surprise. Still, no wonder they say talented people are talented in everything.

See new releases Comedy Club every Friday on channel TNT.

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