Леди Гага похвалила Мадонну за речь о феминизме

58-year-old Madonna recently with Billboard magazine received the honorary title. The publication has named the singer “Woman of the year”. Madonna was very touched and said that her achievements would not be without a huge army of fans who support her every minute.

Are unable singer to bypass the topic of sexism against women, which for several years she struggled. Madonna said that her work, what she struggles with misogyny and disempowerment of women.

“…In our world there are no rules, if you’re a boy, and hundreds of rules, if you’re a girl,” said Madonna from the stage, adding that it cannot be described as a good feminist, because it denies their sexuality and often uses it.

To support the colleague in the fight for equality decided another equally famous artist – Lady Gaga.

“You are so brave and strong. Thank you for being available for us, girls, we need it,” she wrote in social networks Stephanie.