Lady Gaga has canceled performances due to a serious illness

Леди Гага отменила выступления из-за серьезной болезни American pop diva has canceled a concert in Rio de Janeiro due to injury of the hip joint. About this Lady Gaga told fans in the Network. The singer apologized to fans and promised to speak soon.

Lady Gaga was supposed to perform at the music festival Rock In Rio this Friday, but she was urgently hospitalized. The singer complained of a severe pain in the hip.

Pop singer asked fans to understand her. As soon as the actress recovers, he will return to Rio de Janeiro to give a concert.

“They put me in the hospital. It’s not just hip pain or fatigue from touring, this is a very sharp pain. I’m in good hands, being watched best doctors”, — said the singer.

Recall that in November last year the actress told reporters and fans that are struggling with chronic pain in the hip joint, visiting the infrared sauna.

A few years ago, during one of the performances Gaga broke her hip. “For some time I hide the fact that he got injured on one of the concerts. I was hiding it from his group, I didn’t want to disappoint my amazing fans. But after yesterday’s performance I could not walk and still can’t,” Gaga wrote in his microblog.

According to media reports, the concert is transferred for an indefinite period. Gaga told fans that doctors discovered she had acute inflammation of the joints and recommended to postpone the speech.

“I hate it. I really hate it. I love you and I am very sorry,” she added.

Then the artist canceled the surgery, citing the tight schedule of the tour. After this break she started having unbearable pain.

In addition to physical injury, Lady Gaga has admitted to fans that she suffers from a mental disorder.

“I struggle with it every day. I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder”, – said the singer.

According to the artist, her problems began after at the age of 19 she was raped by an unknown man twice older than her.

“I never tell anyone about ever said. But the doctors and my family and my friends really saved my life,” added the popular singer.

Lady Gaga has received numerous prestigious music awards. Tour schedule of the singer is very dense. The artist regularly shocking the audience with his extravagant behavior. So, on one of the most prestigious ceremonies, she appeared in a suit made of pieces of raw meat caused sickness among many colleagues. On another gala event, the singer “hatched” from an enormous egg.