Lady Gaga congratulated deceased friend happy birthday

Леди Гага поздравила покойную подругу с днем рождения

This Saturday for Lady Gaga was a tough day because her late friend and assistant Sonya Durham could be executed 42 years. In his instagram she touchingly congratulated deceased friend who died of cancer.

Леди Гага поздравила покойную подругу с днем рождения

Sonia long was a Manager and assistant of Lady Gaga, and died after a struggle with lung cancer, breast and brain.

To congratulate a girl happy birthday Lady Gaga decided through a series of photos in your instagram account. “Happy birthday to my dead girlfriend Sonia’s Dubois,” writes Gaga. “Month of fight against breast cancer is very important. Share your stories of survival and treatment plans with others. Cancer is different in every person. But the more we talk and share, the more we know. I have no words for you, my girl, only tears and dreams. I know you’re working on the Haus of Gaga from heaven.”

The singer put a picture with his friend, signing it “I Will love you forever Sonia,” adding the hashtags #breastcancerawareness and #womenempowerment.

Леди Гага поздравила покойную подругу с днем рожденияBoyfriend of the actress and agent Christian Carino supported his beloved that day. To thank him, the girl put a selfie with my boyfriend and signed it, “After I was lying on the couch feeling very sad, I supported my girls and someone special. I was able to change into a lovely pink dress that gave me Oscar De La Renta.”

“Sonia would like that we celebrated her Birthday. And we did it. Dressed in pink I’m sending pink chocolate kisses to everyone who was ill with breast cancer.”

Also, Gaga has shared a photo, where near a picture of a generous gift from the husband of the deceased. This necklace of black pearls, which contains a bit of ash of her friend.

“A member of my family, the mother of my goddaughter, my friend with whom I played jazz in new York more than 10 years told us that Sony had a dream,” says the singer. “We’ll be able to talk to her through her pearls. And I’m Sonia. I’ll be there. Happy birthday. Love you.”

“Though, as one of my best friends in the world shows the true courage, strength and positive thinking at the time, like struggling with cancer really changed my life. Thank you Sonia for inspiring me and all of us his joy. I love you very much and I cry as soon as I think about all the years that we spent together behind the scenes through the show, taking care of each other. You’re one of the kindest. I’m so proud of you. You and Andre, you’re persistent perfect love is the meaning of life. “

In honor of the death of a friend who died peacefully at home, Gaga performed an acoustic version of the song Edge of Glory during his speech at the Coachella festival in the US.