Lady Gaga canceled a concert because of illness

Надежда Бабкина отменила концерт из-за болезни The singer felt ill before the speech in Murmansk. Details about the condition of Nadezhda Babkina has not yet reported. The concert organizers just announced that it is postponed to another date.

      On October 2, in Murmansk, in honor of 100-anniversary of capital of the polar region, has been planned a big gala concert with participation of people’s artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina and ensemble “Russian song” and creative teams from around the region. However, a planned event at the last moment canceled.

      It is reported that not even held a dress rehearsal. The reason for the sudden deterioration of health of the headliner events of Nadezhda Babkina.

      “Scheduled for October 2 gala concert with the participation of Nadezhda Babkina and ensemble “Russian song” cancelled in connection with the health of the people’s artist” — this message was posted on the official portal of the government of the Murmansk region.

      No details about the health of the 66-year-old singer are not reported. Specified only that the concert was postponed to a later date and will be held approximately in late October – early November. Murmansk edition add as well, Hope Babkin has repeatedly pleased with their sparkling performances of the inhabitants of the Arctic. And until this moment concerts with her participation never tolerated.

      By the way, a couple of months ago lady Gaga has made fans not seriously worry for her health. In one of the social networks they saw a photo artist in a wheelchair. It turned out, during one of the concerts Babkina injured his knee. To recover from this injury Babkina went to a prestigious European resort – Cote d’azur. The singer company has made Eugene Mountains. The man did everything to make his lady love feel beautiful. He gave her a car tour of Monaco in a luxury convertible. Beloved Nadezhda Babkina took her on vacation after the injury

      Fans have repeatedly noted that Nadezhda Georgievna and to work with full dedication and often risking his health for the sake of a stunt. At the end of last year, Babkina played in folk performance where she had to deal with some danger in the play. Located on one of the sets, the actress was raised up to a height of five meters, however, refused any insurance, not to spoil the overall impression of the scene.