Леди Гага рассталась со своим женихом
Broke up another Hollywood couple…

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Photo: @ladygaga Instagram Lady Gaga

Fans of Lady Gaga saddened singer announced
decided to part with his favorite actor Taylor Kinney. But, she still hopes that
future they will be able to reconcile. “Please support us! After all, we still love each other!”
the singer wrote on his page in
the social network.

According to Gaga, they made that difficult
the decision because last time almost did not see each other – because
mismatched work schedules. “We’re both ambitious people, love our work,
but we were hoping that we will be able to sustain our long-distance relationship…” — commented

The singer and Kinney met in 2011 on the set
her music video “You and I”. And in February 2015, in
Valentine’s day, Taylor made his beloved proposal. And presented in
sign of the engagement ring diamond is heart shaped. Until recently, it seemed that
what in their relationship is just fine. Gaga is already planning their
wedding with Kinney — or rather, she told me that he entrusted most of the hassle
the ceremony was my mother.

Incidentally, fans of the singer before her
statements suspected that the relations of the singer with her fiance, something
wrong. They noticed about a month ago, Gaga and Taylor
ceased to appear together. Moreover, when a week
ago Kinney was celebrated in Chicago, where they filmed a TV show with his participation, his
35th birthday, his bride was not with him. That day saw her one
in Malibu, and for the first time without a wedding ring, which she

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