Леди Гага стала лицом журнала Allure

Lady Gaga today is singer, model, actress, designer, producer, developer line of cosmetics and not only. She is able to surprise everyone around, does it mainly with their outfits.

Леди Гага стала лицом журнала Allure

Now Lady Gaga has become the main face of the famous magazine cover Allure for October 2019. Together with the publishing house, the actress introduced the world to a bright new beauty photo shoot. How it happened can be seen on the official page of the journal in Instagram. In the photos, the singer is captured in different images: with braids, smooth hair, dressed in magnificent feathers.

“Lady Gaga is the star of our room in October. She knows about the incredible power of makeup. She produces her own line of cosmetics and shares his secrets with us, earthly mortals” — has signed a snapshot of the great publishers of the magazine.

By the way, on the cover of Lady Gaga emblazoned with makeup on, your own performance. On the head of singer blonde wig of fine braids, the individual has a bronze hue, and his eyes shimmer in Golden shades, and lip gloss that enhances the natural shade. She was dressed in a dress of Golden color, and the model took a massive ornament.

Next pictures show the star in a different manner, which resembles a bird. The hair gathered in an elastic tail which ends in a voluminous bun. The makeup is a very different character, he strengthened the dark shades.

In an interview to the magazine the outrageous singer explained why one of the businesses she chose a line of beauty products, and how cosmetics affect people’s lives in General. “Makeover means a lot to me on a deep intuitive level: it has the power to change the way you feel when you’re really bad,” says the Lady.

The actress 33 years old and she still does not consider himself beautiful. She stated that she never felt pretty. Quite a youth model suffered various terrible diseases, and sometimes they even come back into her life. At such times the actress deals with bright and extravagant makeup and feels like some superhero.

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