Lady Gaga attended a charity event with mom

Леди Гага посетила благотворительную акцию вместе с мамой

Soon the screens will be released film “a Star is born”, where Lady Gaga performed the title role along with Bradley Cooper. After roles in the TV series for the singer of this new level in her acting career. Now, she spends a lot of time to the presentation of film and advertising campaigns. Time for family is very small, so Gaga decided to combine business with pleasure. Together with her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, she attended a charity event called Children Mending Hearts’ Empathy 10th Annual Rock in Los Angeles.

Леди Гага посетила благотворительную акцию вместе с мамой

The event was filled with love, because the purpose of the meeting was to Express sympathy through art. Stefani Germanotta, appeared in a pink outfit. The singer received the award for her charitable organization the Born This Way Foundation. In a solemn speech Stephanie told the secret of his success is kindness. “I believe that any problem can be resolved with kindness, or at least make it better,” says Germanotta.

For mom artist such outputs are not a burden. Last month, Refinery29 shared Cynthia’s essay, in which she told about the daughters and how to raise mom. “In its 90 years old Ronnie goes to the gym more often than most people I know. She is the person who helps me and my daughter when need advice,” writes Cynthia.

“She always taught that a parent should develop the creativity and individuality of their children and encourage their passions and not just their successes.”

Despite the fact that work in the organization, the singer is accompanied by kindness, Cynthia was raised by her sister in line. Also brought up her mother, grandmother, explaining that during the great depression it was the only way to survive. “When my daughters were young, they tried to tell me how you feel, to share their concerns. But I would say that all sometimes feel that way and that they too will survive it. Not the best words to comfort. But I sincerely believed that since they will be better. I used the same tools that was taught to me by my parents. And did not understand that they are not suitable for solving those problems, faced by my children.”

Everything has disadvantages and advantages. Cynthia is grateful to her mother for the lessons that brought her to where she is now. As recognized by the mother of Lady Gaga, her grateful daughters. “My daughters taught me how to listen more sincerely how to ask for help when you need it how to take care of mental and physical health equally, and thousands of other things large and small. I know that as a family we will continue to learn from each other, making each other wiser and stronger.”