Леди Гага и Анджелина Джоли поссорились из-за роли

Despite the huge popularity and longevity in an acting career, Jolie angelia still up for a health competitive spirit and fighting for the role! Her opponent was Pavla Lady Gaga, who felt his acting nature and decided to fight for the role. The rivalry has gone too far and the stars do not communicate.

“Angie wanted to work on a film for a very long time, but it seems that she will have to go up against Lady Gaga. After the success of “a Star is born”, the singer offered tons of projects, but she wants Cleopatra more than anything. Gaga feels that she is at the perfect point in his career, to cope with such a role,” — said the source.

Gaga is now concerned about the removal of their songs from all music platforms. All in invited artist, R. kelly, which is about 20 girls were accused of sexual violence. As a result, in a network there was a documentary about the atrocities of the musician, which responded to the multitude of stars. One of them was Lady Gaga, who dramatically came to dealing with the work of the accused. “I intend to delete the song from iTunes and other streaming platforms and will no longer be working with him. I regret that in his youth it was a mistake, and that has not spoken before about this. I love you,” writes Gaga.

The singer said that the song was not written in the best of times in her life. “And the song and video on it I did when my life was a dark stripe. My intention was to create something extremely challenging and provocative, because he was angry and still not coped with the trauma… If I could go back and talk to the younger version of myself, I would advise yourself to go to a therapist,” — said the singer to fans.

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