Lady Gaga acknowledged the serious mental problems

Леди Гага признала серьезные проблемы с психикой The singer can’t forget her traumatic case from the past. Recently, the celebrity has shared details of the incident that turned her life. By his own admission, Lady Gaga has gone through terrible things. The artist spent years to recover.

      30-year-old Lady Gaga had a stormy youth. The artist said that in his youth he used drugs and had visited the wrong clubs, where he gets in to the fullest. When the future star music turned eighteen, she decided to quit College to start a career in show business. This time remembered Gaga for life, but not only because of the difficulties encountered by beginning artists. Earlier, the singer openly admitted that she was raped at that age.

      Until recently, the celebrity has chosen not to share the details of the incident, which she still can not forget. However, recently, Lady Gaga spoke about her emotional state after the tragic events. According to the women, it has left a deep mark on her psyche. The actress has still not recovered from a serious illness, which arose as a result of the traumatic situation.

      “I suffer from a mental disorder – I have PTSD. Anyone that I ever told,” – said a celebrity during a visit to the Center for the homeless homosexuals named Ali FORNEY in new York city.

      Note that those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder have high levels of anxiety and psychopathological experiences. PTSD can develop after traumatic situations such as domestic violence, military action, natural disasters and terrorist acts. This disease is also called Vietnam syndrome.

      Recall that the rape that Lady Gaga has experienced at a young age, it became known a few years ago. Then the star said that she was molested by the producer, who was her senior by twenty years. Traumatic situation has forced the singer to blame yourself for what happened. For seven years she was afraid to discuss this incident with family and psychologist.

      “I went through some terrible things. Now, after the psychological, physical and emotional therapy that I went through, I can laugh at them. A very important role in the therapy of music has played,” added the actress.

      Lady Gaga also reported that after the incident, had seen the offender only once in a lifetime. When this star did not specify, did she report it to law enforcement.