Леди Гага об издевательствах в школе и о фильме «Звезда родилась»

Monday night at the Los Angeles premiere of the film “a Star is born”, the first directorial work of Bradley Cooper. 32-year-old Lady Gaga played one of the main roles and on the red carpet were fantastic! The actress and singer has appeared in a magnificent silver dress with a long train by Givenchy Haute Couture. After the event, she gave reporters a minute People, to talk a little bit about yourself.

Lady Gaga told about that in high school she was bullied. It’s not a novelty for fans of Stephanie (the real name of the singer), but it is difficulties in school helped her better understand his character. “Well, the difference between me and Ellie is that I did my best to become a singer and composer, was ready to act. I pulled her keyboard in new York and knocked on doors. I really believed in myself. Ellie is not so. She just doesn’t believe in himself. She literally exhausted the music industry”, — said the artist.

The plot of the film revolves around Ellie — a talented but insecure singer. “I had to go back to childhood, my school years when I was bullied and laughed at for my dreams. I think that could play this role thanks to the support of Bradley Cooper. He is such an incredible Director and actor. I’m just very grateful,” says the actress.

By the way, the Director warmly of his colleague. At events in honor of the film the actors are always holding hands, which shows their strong relationship. “I gained a friend for life. As great as this movie. I am sure that this friendship will last forever, she is an incredible person. I was very lucky to work with her,” says Bradley.

During filming, it was not without difficulty that Gaga bravely endured and coped with the work. “All of this has changed me. But I watched as Bradley’s phenomenal works, and then saw how he believes in me. It gave me the strength to believe in myself. I am grateful for this experience”, — said the singer.

Let’s remind, Lady Gaga is known that knows how to shock and attract attention to his person. That’s exactly what she did at the film festival in Venice, where they were presented a picture for the first time. Gaga appeared in Quinceanera dresses from Valentino decorated with pink ostrich feathers. The singer just could not tear my eyes! She just fluttered!