Lada Dens is trying to regain popularity

Лада Дэнс пытается вернуть былую популярность The singer has two children, continues to act and is preparing a solo program. Lada Dens is actively involved in sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. The artist maintains friendly relations with the ex-spouse.

The star of the ‘ 90s Lada Dens not afraid to be forgotten by the public. The singer has two children Elijah and Elizabeth. The actress shared with reporters, leading a healthy lifestyle, do not drink or smoke, several times a year on vacation to the sea. Lada writes new songs and is constantly improving in the profession, trying his hand at a variety of talk shows.

“I may not be as popular as in the nineties, but then was much more. You could Express yourself as a personality, to show their individuality through songs, projects, as it was with me. There was a bright single – you went with him to speak. At concerts it sounded great,” said Lada.

The singer admitted that the most important thing in her life – children. According to the artist, the daughter and son she has formed friendships. “We are one team, and sometimes I even think that I’m not their mother and older sister. Since childhood, I spoke to them not as little kids, but as adults with personalities and individuals. Always tried to educate them so that they make decisions by themselves and through their own actions understand what is right and what is not” – shared Dens. Lada said that he had maintained with the former spouse friendly relations, he participates in the life of the youngest daughter, who is studying in England. The artist is not concealed from the public that helped her nanny in child rearing. “The staff that helped me stay with the kids, always were carefully chosen — then my husband and I were already divorced, and I was often absent touring the country. It was important for me who are near my kids. So, in our family for 14 years a woman I quietly confided the most precious — their children. It is very me, all of us helped,” said Lada.

The artist told that is constantly improving itself, and has attended various trainings.

“It’s important for me to harmonize myself and the world that surrounds me, I communicate only with those people who make you feel as comfortable as possible, but other individuals try to avoid,” Lada said in an interview