Безденежье вынудило Земфиру вернуться на сцену In recent years, Zemfira rarely pleases fans of concerts and new hits. However, after buying an expensive car, the singer reflected on the return to touring. The star made in Minsk, and soon plans to travel the city with a new concert program.
Безденежье вынудило Земфиру вернуться на сцену

For several years Zemfira chose not to perform on the big stage. The star took part in festivals and corporate events, but refused tours of Russia and neighboring countries. Only in the New year on the evening of Suleiman Kerimov she earned about 150 thousand euros. However, according to some, the singer was forced to return to the stage due to the fact that she ran out of money.

It is known that some time ago Zemfira acquired expensive foreign car of a representation class, replacing your old car. This purchase could seriously affect the budget of a star. Yesterday, after a long break, the actress spoke in Minsk, and soon plans to travel to Kazan and Sochi with a new concert program.

By the way, during yesterday’s speech Zemfira has congratulated Russian national team on football with the release of the one-fourth finals, having appeared on stage with the Russian tricolor. “I had to go to a concert, the Internet was poor and the penalty I have not seen, so I was on the phone,” he said from the stage.

The rock star leads a fairly solitary life and does not like when someone violates her personal space. For many years the only close Zemfira Renata Litvinova, so sometimes fans will learn about it from the microblog Director. Recently on the official page Zemfira post appeared, in which the star complained about annoying fans.

“Wake up and get a letter: “hi, I’m going to tell you the truth about you, I love you so much, and even if you’re not with me, I will still love you (that’s my phone)”. Creepy and unpleasant. It is clear that I’m not the one are a victim of the abnormal, crazed people, but I can speak only on their behalf. They slept on the carpet of my apartment, I wrote 50 letters a day called 4 hours in a row at the door. And demanded and attacked: go out, open up, talk, “you don’t understand.” I live under this pressure for almost 20 years. I need respect, privacy and choice”, – shared the artist.

Many fans look forward to new songs of a rock star. According to “Express newspaper”, very soon, in Yekaterinburg and Moscow, Zemfira will perform on the festival grounds.