Lace arrow: a new trend in makeup

Кружевные стрелки: новый тренд в макияже

Sounds like classic cat shooter has a competitor.

Now you don’t need the umpteenth time to repaint the eye, because the arrow did not work perfectly smooth or different from the second. Popular beauty blogger Jenny Gonzalez came up with a new technique of creating shooter – lace.

Perhaps Jenny did not expect such popularity, but her idea began to repeat girls in all countries of the world. The hashtag #bubbleeyeliner you can find pictures of “lace shooter”.

At first glance it seems that such arrows do more complicated than usual, but Gonzalez has his own life hack: apply to hand eyeliner and dip it in the cap, to make the half circles for the growth of eyelashes.

Black, white color – you can think of any color schemes for lace shooter!

In General, it is worth noting that the audience was very actively supporting the trends that appear in social networks. Not the catwalks, and “Instagram” have shown the world such popular trends as multitasking, body contouring, and cosmic rainbow coloring, as well as men’s colour staining.

Video published Jennygmakeup Snapchat (@jennyg_makeup) APR 26 2016 10:55 PDT

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