Kylie Minogue twisted new novel

Кайли Миноуг закрутила новый роман
The singer has a 44–year-old boyfriend.

Кайли Миноуг закрутила новый роман

Kylie Minogue


Кайли Миноуг закрутила новый роман

Paul Solomons

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Fans of the 49-year-old Kylie Minogue drew attention to the fact that
the singer recently looks so incredibly happy. It is not
only that it finally came
after the collapse of his last year’s affair with Joshua Sasse. How did
find out the reporter for the newspaper The Sun,
Kylie was in love again!

The singer secretly started Dating 44-year-old
the creative Director of GQ — Paul Solomons. Kylie was introduced to Floors, a common
friends who decided that the singer, who is very hard to get over
Case, just need to “shake things up”. From the first meeting Minogue and
Solomons felt sympathy. Struck up a friendship that quickly
developed into flirting.

However, to boost
events Minogue wants. In the end, more recently, she’s been so sick. In one
recent interview, Kylie admitted that parting with Sasse was worth it
a full-scale nervous breakdown. “I was in a terrible state, crying and not
he could have stopped. Felt like my entire body failed. I was shaking,
I didn’t want anything. My mind simply refused to accept that
happened.” To gain at least relative peace, she took
happy long holiday in Thailand. But in the end, according to the singer,
after going through trials, it only became stronger.

Recall, Kylie was engaged to Sasse, whom she started Dating in the fall
2015, and in full swing preparing for
wedding. And then she learned from the media that her fiance cheated on her with actress Martha
Milans. Reporters caught them on a date and made the shots got to the net. In
up offended Minogue threw the bridegroom from his house.

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse