Кайли Миноуг выгнала из дома своего молодого бойфренда
The singer accuses Joshua of infidelity.

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse


48-year-old Kylie Minogue broke off the engagement with her
the groom, 29-year-old Joshua Sasse. It happened after she learned about
that boyfriend was cheating on her. This information is reported online edition
The Sun.

According to journalists ‘ reports, the actress asked
so Joshua immediately left her house. This happened after she became
known about the secret affair of the groom. It turns out that case slowly began
meet 34-year-old actress Martha Milan, whom he met at the end
last year in Canada, where both starred in the TV series “Tomorrow never comes”. Their
Dating continued after Joshua returned to London, where the present
lives in Vain Sasse Minogue… Kylie swore that he would stop the relationship with
Milan, the singer was adamant. She demanded that case as quickly as possible
he gathered his things and left her house.

But more recently, Kylie seemed completely
happy! She told me that considering the details of your upcoming wedding with Joshua. And
after the wedding was meant to take the name of the spouse, not only in
the official documents. The singer wanted to start performing on stage as Kylie case.
But now, I think it’s over between them: Kylie has even worn a wedding
ring in the style of art Deco, a gift to her fiance on the engagement, which she
before been parted.