Кайли Миноуг решила отказаться от своей фамилии
Singer get rid of his past.

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse


As admitted in
his recent interview with 48-year-old Kylie Minogue, in the foreseeable future it
intends to become the lawful wife of her groom — 29-year-old actor Joshua Sasse. At the same time,
as Kylie announced that she intends to officially become Mrs. Sasse not only
passport. The singer decided to abandon his stage name, acting under which
she became a star! About it reported the Internet-the edition mirror.co.uk.

“Sasse is a great name.
And she will be to me a first-class stage name. After all, as I used to
believed, Kylie Minogue doesn’t sound too harmonious, and to pronounce it
it is not easy. A “Kylie case” — as if the very rolls of the tongue!” — said the singer.

detractors suspected that Kylie is disingenuous, and that
wants to take the bridegroom’s name not because case sounds better. it is not excluded that the singer want to join the aristocratic family of the clan of Joshua: after all, his great-grandfather
was a Viscount, and his grandfather a Baron! And although the boyfriend Minogue no title, the term
to intermarry with the family of “blue bloods” flatters her ego.

As for the specific
the date of the wedding, Kylie and Joshua has not yet decided. But, as assured
singer, and she’s determined to carve out his concert schedule in time for the ceremony.
However, as explained to Kylie that her wedding is unlikely to be a lush, and she’s not
is going to invite to the wedding the crowd of guests-celebrities. As
says the singer, she dreams of a modest and intimate ceremony. The future
the wedding will be the first for Kylie and her fiancé. But Joshua, unlike Minogue, already
has a child from a former girlfriend Francesca Cini.

Recall that the Cayley
I started Dating Joshua in about a year and a half ago, after they met
on the set of the television series Galavante. That they were engaged lovers
announced old-fashioned way: by placing an engagement announcement
in British print edition of the Daily Telegraph. As told by the singer on the occasion of the betrothal of her fiancé gave her a vintage diamond ring that brought in the perfect