Kylie Minogue has credited a passionate affair with Prince Andrew

Кайли Миноуг приписали страстный роман с принцем Эндрю Australian journalists revealed the secret relationship of the singer. It is alleged that Kylie Minogue is in a relationship with the son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew. According to sources from the environment pair, the man allegedly mad about well-known performer.

      Western journalists reported that singer Kylie Minogue allegedly had an affair with the heir to the British Royal family, Prince Andrew. It is alleged that 57-year-old son of Queen Elizabeth II’s crazy about the sweet 48-year-old singer. The sources close to the couple reported that the man has serious feelings for the singer.

      At the moment all the attention of insiders chained to the upcoming list of guests at the wedding of Pippa Middleton, to be held may 20. It is expected that Kylie will attend the event in the company of the elect.

      “At the moment they are inseparable – Prince Andrew 100 percent in love,” shared a source close to the lovers to reporters.

      The reporters also claim that Kylie Minogue and son of Queen Elizabeth II are in a wonderful relationship for a long time. In February of this year Prince Andrew, as reported by journalists, tried to support the actress after her failure in his personal life. Then the celebrity broke up with her fiancé, 29-year-old actor Joshua Sasse. Since then, according to representatives of the Australian edition, Andrew and Kylie are inseparable.

      At the same time, resonant publishing, which was released in the birthplace of the singer, believed not all. Famous British tabloid expressed doubts about the veracity of information that came from their Australian counterparts. The journalists said that the approval of a competing edition of “strange”. Correspondents have addressed for comments to the representatives of Kylie Minogue and Prince Andrew, however, they prefer to refrain from communicating with the media.

      Earlier, the heir of the Royal family were attributed to relationships with other famous beauty – actress demi Moore. Then it was alleged that Queen Elizabeth II was opposed to his son’s passion for the Hollywood star, they say, is a charming brunette with a scandalous past – not the best passion for a representative of the crowned name.

      It is not known how to react to the British Queen Kylie Minogue, but the famous singer on account of far fewer scandals than the star of the movie “Ghost” and “Striptease”. Earlier, the actress was Dating Olivier Martinez model Andres Velencoso and mankesim and actor Joshua Sasse, which celebrity broke off the engagement in early February.