Кайли Миноуг призналась, что у нее не может быть детей
The singer said that he had suffered a nervous breakdown.

Кайли Миноуг призналась, что у нее не может быть детей

Kylie Minogue


Kylie Minogue, who last year survived
the next drama in his personal life after the singer was dumped by her fiancé Joshua Sasse first talked about
how hard she underwent this event.

“I was in a terrible state, crying and not
he could have stopped. I felt my entire body failed. I was shaking,
I didn’t want anything. My mind simply refused to accept that
happened…” said Kylie. However, as reported by Minogue, she came to
through a relatively short period of time. “I quickly fall into despair, but
as fast can “go back”. I’m too practical to stay in
this condition for a long time!” said Kylie. However, in order to gain at least
the relative peace of mind, it took her quite a long stay in

49-year-old Kylie reacted so strongly to the collapse
his affair with case for a number of reasons. First of all, because it was
perhaps the most public of her novels. Minogue managed to tell the whole world,
what a wonderful man she met in Joshua’s face as she madly
loves and how impatiently she is waiting for the wedding… And then case changed
the singer with a much younger actress Marta Milans. Moreover, about this
the affair wrote “tabloids” of the world.

Besides, treason, Joshua became the next
a link in a long chain of failures in his personal life.

Recall that singer Michael
Hutchinson, whom she had met about 2 years in the 90s left her for model Helena
Christensen. French boyfriend Stephane Sednaoui left
from Kylie after a relationship that lasted several years. Left her and the Briton
James Gooding, who then also publicly ridiculed Minogue. Perhaps
the most faithful of her boyfriend Olivier Martinez, who helped her to survive
battle with breast cancer, eventually left her and married Halle berry.
After that, nick was not surprised when Kylie left the penultimate
lovers Minogue — Hispanic Velencoso Andre, who was years younger than the singer for 10

However, as acknowledged by Kylie’s
sad not even the fact that she has not yet managed to find his single. The
bitter regret, the singer is the fact that she is childless. “This is a very
it is ironic, but children I have will be gone. Can only hope,
seeing a man who already has kids. Maybe I can be though
would be a good stepmother!”.

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse