Кайли Миноуг навсегда отменила свою свадьбу
The actress spoke about his matrimonial plans.

Kylie Minogue


49-year-old Kylie Minogue recently confessed,
she intention to marry. “Of course, I love weddings, but not
expect to walk on my own. I’d rather sing and have fun at the weddings of my friends!” said Kylie. “Of course,
I was not able to build a nice family house with a white picket fence and live there for a long time
and happily, I guess, I’m just not meant to be. But I still tend
to consider my life as half full, not half empty glass!” says Minogue

Kylie in incorrigible optimist. What would
in life, it didn’t happen, she loses her positive attitude. However,
otherwise, she probably would not have survived. After all, Kylie had to overcome
severe illness with breast cancer, discovered she has been on enough late
stage… So, even after leaving last summer with her fiancé Joshua Sasse,
she fell into a depression, and continues to live and enjoy life.

We recall that this winter she had caught his
groom’s infidelity: he had an affair with a much younger beautiful
Spanish actress Martha Milans. As it turned out, all this time Sasse led
a double life: with Kylie he portrayed the faithful bridegroom, but he had to leave
home to the shooting, as he met Martha… And as much as Minogue was no
in love with her groom, whom got engaged in February of 2016, and as if
Case not begged her forgiveness, Minogue kicked Joshua, a novel which started it in October 2015 for the TV show
“Galavante”, from his home in West London.