Кайли Миноуг впервые прокомментировала крушение своего романа
48-year-old singer is still hoping to meet my Only.

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse


Since then, in early February of this year was
it is known that 48-year-old Kylie Minogue kicked out of the house her unfaithful 29-year-old
groom Joshua Sasse, she kept silent about the collapse of their love story. And
now, she finally decided to talk about their reactions to the current
the situation. This story was told to the reporter of the website dailymail.com.

“It’s not supposed to happen… But I still
going to move forward and believe that my life will be so much more good.
I have not yet managed to create a family and enjoy happiness in a cute house with
white picket fence, but maybe I’m just not meant to be. And yet I happen to know
happiness is love and I love the state of love…” — said Kylie during your
an interview she gave recently.

That she decided to leave
Joshua Sasse, the singer said in his microblog. However, it is not indicated
why they and Joshua “decided to move on with life in different ways.” As
it became known later, Kylie had caught her fiancé’s infidelity — he spun
an affair with a much younger beautiful Spanish actress Martha Milans. As
it appeared this time Sasse led a double life: with Kylie he pretended to be loyal
the groom, but he had to absent himself from home to the shooting, as he met Martha…
Incidentally, a friend of Minogue from the beginning told her about my doubts
about Joshua: they suspected that he simply uses his affair with
Kylie to advance in the career plan.

Recall that Minogue and Sasse met in
October 2015 for the TV show “Galavante”.
And in February of last year, they announced their engagement — giving ad in “Daily
Telegraph”. Kylie was preparing for the wedding with Joshua and even told me that
after the wedding was going to abandon his family. She even tried on
stage to speak, not as Minogue how Kylie case…