Кайли Миноуг подтвердила роман с Полом Соломонсом

Last year, the singer Kylie Minogue had survived the betrayal of his young fiancé Joshua Sassari.. Seemed heart broken, but it still has room for new love. In may the singer celebrated 50 years, and in celebration she shared in instagram photo with a mysterious stranger. Journalists have found out who the new choice of singer.

Кайли Миноуг подтвердила роман с Полом Соломонсом

Western journalists have calculated a new partner Kylie is the creative Director of British GQ Paul Solomons. To Express love for new York Minogue also chose a new photo on a social network, where hugs with Paul in the background of new York skyscrapers.

Insiders here said that to meet they began in February. Rush to announce a new relationship, the singer was in no hurry. “She didn’t want to rush into a serious relationship, and just enjoyed doing her. It is no secret that breaking up with Josh it was very painful. She was completely defenseless,” says the insider newspaper the Sun.

Кайли Миноуг подтвердила роман с Полом Соломонсом
Recall that in an interview for the Sun magazine, the singer spoke about how music helped cope with separation. Kylie is very involved in the preparation of the new album, Golden, and singles told his vision of the reasons for breaking the engagement.

“The end of 2016 was very difficult for me. So the album, which I began in early 2017, made for me a kind of escape from problems. I was very vulnerable at the moment, but at the same time, the ability to Express, to vent their feelings at the Studio, helped me back to our old selves. I wrote about different periods of my life, the UPS and downs, the whole truth. Only one love will never leave or betray is music.” says Minogue.

“I’m very worried, I want to share with you the list of tracks included in the album Golden,” wrote Minogue to Instagram.

Sass and Minogue broke up due to his infidelity with the Spanish actress Marta Milans.

As soon as this news became public, Joshua became a gigolo, who wanted nothing from Kylie, just her fame and money. At least this was sure, many secular observers and fans of the singer.

In addition, fans of Kylie reproached Sassari. in hypocrisy, putting him in reproach, termination of their joint campaign with Kylie Say I Do Down Under immediately after breaking up with her. Joshua tired of suffering and hastened to dot the I: “I Think I can find a minute in order to silence those fools who read the tabloids and believe everything that is written in them. The Say I Do campaign was short, her goal was to raise awareness of more people about the existing problem, and we did it in double the volume. We gathered about 15 thousand dollars for charity organizations of the LGBT community, our message has spread around the world. As a result, the billions of people who did not know about the problem of legal inequality, become active members of our campaign. We are very proud that we have achieved”.