Kylie Jenner teases a pregnant black China

Кайли Дженнер дразнит беременную Блэк Чайну

The relationship Kylie Jenner, and black Tea never was cloudless. A love triangle with rapper a forest – father of the child and the current beloved one another gave them no chance for friendship. While black prepares to give birth to Kylie, brother Rob child (according to some sources it is already in the delivery room), Kylie spends time not only with Taiga, but also with his young son king Cairo, the firstborn of China. On his page on Snapchat the reality star posted a video with four-year-old boy, and this is unlikely to please his mother.

In the video Kylie and Cairo are playing, trying on different filters of the gadget and leaping laughing. At some point, king Jenner hugs around the neck and it can cause storms.
“Black’s not to like when Kylie is trying to replace her with king. She doesn’t mind that she was giving him all sorts of gifts or cute things, but this should not be at a loss Tea. She hates. when Kylie shows the child too much attention,” — said the insider.
As if buried the hatchet did not get back to the fragile women’s hands, Kylie or black.