Kylie Jenner misses the forest

Кайли Дженнер скучает по Тайге

Kylie Jenner, American reality TV star and the owner of the cosmetic brand, can not forget his former boyfriend rapper Taiga. According to insiders, it still keeps track of his every move and gets very upset if next to him is another girl.

“Around the house Kylie placed a picture of him. It’s not like she threw it out of my head. She probably still hopes to get him back,” says an insider. Kylie gave Taiga a few times, but after a week or two lovers resumed their relationship.
Despite the fact that Kylie noticed a few times on the walk with Travis Scott, myself, Jenner insists that he and Taiga is just a temporary pause, and with Travis, she appears in public only to annoy the rapper.
Recall that this summer will start their own reality show Kylie “the Life of Kylie” (“The Life Of Kylie”).