Кайли Дженнер помирилась с Трэвисом Скоттом

Recently it became known that the family of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been untidy incident: Kylie caught her boyfriend cheating. Long time couple not seen together, and the media speculated that the relationship was over. Today the pair captured together for the first time after the alarming news.

Today Kylie and Travis captured the paparazzi together at dinner in the restaurant Sweet Chick in Los Angeles. The couple decided to take a little Stormy, which recently turned a year. However, the child with the parents for a long time is not spent. The couple sent Stormy home, and have gone to another place.

According to sources People, Kylie and Travis ended the relationship after the incident, but they had significantly to try to keep the family together. Travis went on tour “Astroworld” which is another obstacle to peace and trust. “Tour Travis was a real challenge for Kylie. They spent every minute together. When Travis and Kylie they are all excellent, but when he’s on tour, the star is very hard to trust your boyfriend,” the sources said.

Sam Travis is trying to do everything Kylie to trust him! It turns out that not in vain.

Recall, Kylie was found in the house “proof of treason” and threw in a scandal of his beloved. Thursday, February 28, Travis Scott canceled his concert in new York, which also added fuel to the fire. The artist said that he feels bad and will not be able to perform on stage. Portal TMZ suspects that family problems could cause the cancellation of the concert.

The insider continues: Travis still together and went to Los Angeles to the family. The actor spent time with family in order to save the relationship with the beloved.

Later the official representative Scott gave a statement in which he said that it was nothing. “Travis Scott categorically denies the fact that he cheated on Kylie. That’s not true. He didn’t cheat on her. Cancellation of one concert associated with the disease.”

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