Кайли Дженнер объяснила, почему рассталась с рэпером Tyga
After Kylie Jenner is back from Australia, she made an important decision for themselves.

Кайли Дженнер объяснила, почему рассталась с рэпером Tyga

Girl broke up with her boyfriend rapper Tyga. Rumors that this decision Kylie adopted under pressure of his family. The girl’s mother did not accept his new chosen one.

In the end, Kylie decided to respond to rumors and clarify the true reasons for the breakup.

“The most difficult part for us was the excessive attention of the public: people do not know me as a person, but comment on my personal life. We have been unable to cope with the problems in the relationship and decided to leave,” said the model.

It is worth noting that the media began to report problems in the relationships of the couples for a long time, the main reason believed that the financial condition of the rapper has deteriorated significantly, which is not liked Kylie.

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