Kylie Jenner doesn’t leave the house

Кайли Дженнер не выходит из дома

Recently it became known that one of the stars of the reality show “the Family Kardashian” is pregnant with her first child from her boyfriend Travis Scott. She becasme glad the speedy completion and are already being bought new things, but still decides to stay home because he doesn’t want special attention from the press.

Кайли Дженнер не выходит из дома

“Kylie prefers to stay at home. She feels well, but her body is changing. She doesn’t want her photographed,” says a source close to the star, explaining why Kylie not often appear in front of paparazzi as it was before. “At the moment, she wants more privacy. Next to her family and friends that come to her house instead of walking, causing it all the time in the company.”

The girl was only 20, why her family is not supported. They think Kylie is naive and not ready for such a responsible stage in life. Moreover, in the family of Kylie Jenner is not only waiting for the replenishment. Her older sister Kim Kardashian too is waiting for replenishment. Along with rapper Kanye West a businesswoman waiting for a third child. The couple used the services of a surrogate mother due to recent heavy pregnancy.

Earlier, a source close to the family said that is not what envy between family members present, and all just happy that the clan is such a baby-boom.

“Kim is very much inspired by the idea that many children born at the same time,” says the source. “She believes they will be more like sisters and cousins. Everyone in the family really happy.”

“They believe in their hearts that Kylie will raise beautiful children and be a good mom,” continues the source. “And the family will always be with her, that would help!”

The pregnancy rumors Kylie started to walk back in July of this year. The pair began to talk to friends. “For Kylie it was a surprise, but she is very pleased,”write the source. The family itself yet makes no comment on the expense of the provision of the younger Kardashian sisters.

“Now she will have a baby from the guy she just started Dating. The people around her were surprised. It all happened very quickly, but for Kylie to be with Travis — it’s a completely different experience and feelings that she never experienced with anyone else. She is very in love with him and very happy.”