Кайли Дженнер обманывает покупателей своей косметики

While Kendall Jenner coping with stress after the robbery, her younger sister Kylie is once again facing difficulties at work. cosmetics brand Cosmetics Kylie Jenner is once again accused of incompetence and deceit of buyers. This is due to the new product of the company – a collection of shimmers / highlighters Kylighters.

Kylie actively advertised this beauty-a novelty on the official website of the brand. Girls interested in the product, but when I received my order the box was empty. Frustrated consumers published photos to confirm his words. Soon representatives of Jenner contacted defrauded customers and offered them apologies.

Who is responsible for that beauty proved to be a “pacifier”, not reported. Apparently, the factory Cosmetics Kylie there was a technical failure, from-for what part of the shimmers / highlighters were not placed in special boxes.

Recall that this incident is not the first on account of Kylie Cosmetics. Informed buyers expressed their dissatisfaction with the matte lipsticks of the brand, and the name of the founder of the company has been drawn into the trial was initiated by Kylie Minogue. The Australian singer was furious that Jenner uses the name “Kylie” in the promotion of the brand, in that time, Minogue for many years, until it has already spread and made recognizable.