Kylie Jenner buys house with boyfriend

Кайли Дженнер покупает дом бойфренду

He told her the puppies, she told him. TV star Kylie Jenner has decided not to bid farewell to the rapper Taiga after the news about his infidelities, and even quite the contrary: the couple decided to live together. Now the lovers find a home that will build their family nest. At the same time to pay for it will be the star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian”.

Кайли Дженнер покупает дом бойфренду
Kylie relatives are really worried by this turn of events – all waited for Kylie to get the courage, and cast the man who brings her only trouble, but happened differently.
Kylie and Taiga wanted to pull off buying a house secretly, however, in Westlake, California, the paparazzi followed them closely and found out what purpose the celebrity consider a Villa. The house which they examined, several times more than the one in which the celebrity is now living.

“Kylie wants to influence the choice of the Taiga, and therefore she decided to buy a property boyfriend. In addition, she wants to live in a bigger house than the one in which she lives now, most importantly: Kylie would like to live away from her annoying sisters and a mother who constantly teaches her life” — said the insider.
The fact that she pays for the purchase of a home, Kylie satisfied. It is her plan “B” in case of escape.
“She says if they leave, it is not necessary to divide the house, and so he will be hers. Now she pays almost all of its costs, sometimes it is angry, but he’s also bought her a lot of things, so it’s okay” — said the insider.

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