Kylie Jenner and her new boyfriend Travis Scott did the same tattoo

Кайли Дженнер и ее новый бойфренд Трэвис Скотт сделали одинаковые тату

Kylie Jenner is slowly dumped from the head of her ex-boyfriend Taiga, which so long could not leave. New boyfriend girl Travis Scott – here who could help Kylie to forget ex-lover, and the reality star is confident that she now has a serious long-term relationship. As proof, the lovers made myself the same tattoo – a tiny butterfly just above the ankle.

Photocatalyst neither posted on their pages in the social network Snapchat. Steam together for a few months, but the intention is both serious.
Western media, citing insiders close to celebrities, report that nineteen-year-old Kylie have already lost the head of the rapper, and butterflies – a symbol of their love – the idea girl.
A new relationship Jenner came in very handy, because next month starts own reality show “the Life of Kylie” in which a new character is always a place.
“I want to let the fans see my life, see how I live, show you all the exciting things that I work with..” — recently told the star in an interview.
Recall that rapper Taiga Kylie once again broke up in early April of this year after two years of relationship. According to insiders Jenner wanted to get married, and the rapper vexed family relationship. In the end, she decided to find a partner with the same values as her.