Kutcher teaches Russian to communicate with relatives kunis

Кутчер учит русский, чтобы общаться с родней Кунис

Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been together for four years, but only now the actor began to understand how it is treated the relatives of his wife.

Mila kunis is originally from the USSR, her family emigrated to the United States in 1991. Since then, Mila lives in America, where fame, and met his love in the person of Ashton Kutcher. Actress Russian language is not forgotten, and understands his daughter star Wyatt. The only one who suffered from translation difficulties, was husband Nice. But now he knows what the meaning of “hands do not reach to look at” and “commit”.

As he admitted during the show Late Night on NBC’s channel, he’s half a year spent studying Russian with a tutor. The reason this curiosity served as an alarm Ashton.

If the parents are Nice the grandparents stars mostly communicate in Russian. And every time the actor felt uneasy. It seemed to him that the loud rude phrases is not that other, as an expression of hostility to it.

To understand what he thinks relatives of Mila, Kutcher sat down to gnaw granite science.

“Russian is a very aggressive language. I thought that the relatives don’t like Sweet, and was, on the contrary, they love me!” – confessed the actor in the show.

Also Ashton said that the native language of the spouse is heavy in the study. But what doesn’t go for love, right?