Kutcher and kunis fighting over the name of the future child

Кутчер и Кунис ссорятся из-за имени будущего ребенка

The actress categorically rejected the idea of a husband to name his son in honor of his favorite comic book hero.

Actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis are about to become parents for the second time. Their daughter Wyatt in October at the age of 2 years. At this time, the light will be a boy. Ashton on the seventh heaven from happiness, according to him, all his life he dreamed of having a son. And, of course, to the choice of the name fits with the responsibility…

Ashton recently visited a TV show of Conan O’brien in which he told what a difficult thing to choose a name for the baby. And complained that his favorite version of Mila categorically rejected!

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Chaucer wants to call the boy Hakeem in honor of the hero of Marvel comics, also known as Hawkeye.

“A dream to name the baby Hawkeye was with me from membership in the football team Hawkeye University of Iowa,” shared the actor.

In addition, Ashton remembered the hero of the series “devil’s service in hospital mesh” – a military doctor, who was called Hawkeye.

“He could also become a doctor! — said Kutcher. But Hokay Kutcher was not destined to take off. Mila has not endorsed this option. My Falcon had been knocked down”.

“The problem is that if you choose a name too early, and then inevitably begin to doubt, – has quite seriously told to the artist. — So we select from our list one of the names and try for some time to get used to it. Mila then asks, “do You still like that name?” I answer: “Yes!” Then she says: “Why was it such an enthusiastic “Yes” rather than the usual Yes?” Then I ask her: “do You like that name, don’t you?” She says, “Yes.” And I said, “Wait, why did you answer like that?” Sometimes we doubt and think we don’t like the name, although in fact both crazy about him. At the moment we have a variant name.”

But the sister of Michael Jackson, a 50-year-old singer Janet Jackson, who also is preparing to become a mother, it seems, have finally decided. As reported by the Western media, she wants to name the baby in honor of the deceased brother. The sex of the baby to know she did not, and if it’s a girl, she will be the female version of the name Michael is Michelle.